Unless your employer has signed a contract with you, when you are first hired in the state of Virginia, you are considered an at-will employee. This means that an employer may fire you for any reason or no reason at all at any time. However, when it comes to you being fired for any reason, this should raise red flags for you. An employer may not fire you for a discriminatory reason. If you find yourself in a wrongful termination situation, it is recommended that you work with a trusted hiring and firing attorney to see if you have been treated lawfully.

Tesler & Werblood employment attorneys in Falls Church have worked a number of wrongful termination cases throughout Northern Virginia. It is important to remember that with every law there are a few exceptions. If you’ve been fired illegally, these exceptions may work in your favor. To help you understand the exceptions of an at-will employee, we have created a list of them below.

1. Reporting Illegal Activity
Often times employees will receive backlash for not participating in illegal activities or wrongdoings in the workplace. In instances when an employee reports a violation of public policy, it is unlawful for the employer to fire them for reporting it.

2. Discrimination
Employment discrimination may include race, religion, nationality, gender, as well as age. If an employer retaliates against its employee and terminates them for reporting an act of discrimination, it is illegal and the case should be taken to a wrongful termination lawyer immediately.

3. Pay Medical Leave and Disability
It is illegal for an employer to fire its at-will employees for being pregnant, on family medical leave, or if they have a particular disability. Working with an experienced employment lawyer will help you determine if you have an at-will employee exception.

4. Retaliation for Filing a Claim Against Employer
Whether you found yourself trying to prevent an act of discrimination by filing a claim and it may or may not have been true, it is considered unlawful for your employer to fire you for doing so.

5. Hostile Work Environment and Sexual Harassment
It is illegal for an employer to force its employees to work in a hostile work environment and subjecting him or her to sexual harassment. If any of these situations do not sit well with you, always consider speaking with a professional employment contract attorney to see if you have a solid case.

Tesler & Werblood: Employment Contract Attorney in Falls Church, VA
If you are unsure whether you have been fired illegally, a professional wrongful termination attorney in Northern VA can provide quality legal services tailored to your needs. We understand that each at-will employment situation is different and can provide a thorough assessment to see if you have a claim. Our hiring and firing attorneys at Tesler & Werblood in Falls Church, VA have extensive experience with the exceptions to being an at-will employee and are dedicated to helping you receive a favorable outcome.

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