Driving mistakes happen all the time, it’s a part of life as a driver. Some drivers have never been pulled over or ticketed, but many have and can attest to the hassle they present. Traffic tickets are pretty common and can result in a variety of penalties. Traffic violations include parking illegally, running a red light, speeding, driving under the influence or while intoxicated, brake light issues, illegal lane changes, and many more.
Sometimes you may think the violation you were accused of was unfair. You always have the option to fight your ticket, and with the help of the law offices of Tesler & Werblood in Northern Virginia, your penalty could get reduced or even dropped.
Here is why you should fight your traffic ticket with expert attorneys like those at Tesler & Werblood:

Save Money

Fines are the most common offense for traffic violations. The charges on tickets can be minor or severe, depending on the violation and the laws of the area in which you were driving. If your ticket presents an outrageous amount for a small violation, consider going to court with an attorney from Tesler & Werblood to at least reduce the fine.

Avoid Traffic School

For some traffic violations, you are required to attend driving school. Driving school will cost you both money and time. Fighting your traffic ticket is a solution to change or lessen your consequence, so you won’t be wasting anytime in driving school.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Each time you receive a ticket, you are adding points to your drivers’ license. You want to keep those points low and maintain a clean driving record so you won’t be subject to suspension, so fighting your ticket may be an option to avoid racking up points.

Avoid Increased Insurance Rates

Getting traffic tickets and gaining points on your drivers’ license can also affect your car insurance. One of the biggest factors car insurance companies look at when determining your premium is your history of tickets, violations, and accidents. If it appears that you are more likely to get in an accident, they might consider increasing your rates, so get backed up by an experienced attorney at Tesler & Werblood to increase your chance of saving more money.

Keep Your Driving Privileges

As points are added up on your license, it could be suspended and you won’t be able to drive for a certain time period. Each traffic violation represents a number of points, so contact a professional attorney to help you fight your ticket to keep your driving privileges.

Keep Driving Penalties Away with Our Quality Lawyers

Don’t let one unfair penalty empty your wallet, add points to your drivers’ license, or increase your insurance rates. Tesler & Werblood located in Falls Church, Virginia employs highly experienced attorneys that will work to reduce or all together drop your traffic violation penalty. No matter the violation, you will be in good hands.
Call us today to discuss your case and save your driving record!